Al Petteway and Amy White brought their magic to our little farming town. They are good at magic.
In 2005 they graciously traveled from North Carolina to Atwood, KS to support the 1907 Shirley Opera House Project (restoration/rehabilitation) with a fundraising concert. Their music mesmerized the audience and began a new life for the old building.

The Shirley Opera House holds that indefinable energy that flows from musician to listener and back. Built from locally kilned bricks in 1907 it was recognized for its authentic character by the Kansas and National Registers of Historic Places as it turned 100 years old. As a member of the Boulder Acoustic Society exclaimed “there’s music in the walls”.

Since that first event, many others have followed. I call it our Monthly Music Fix and encourage people to view a night at the Opera as better than drugs. Anti-depressants, that is. Now, six years later I am depressed, angry, frustrated and outraged. .